A Paddler’s Journal

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The Lake Champlain Land Trust is proud to have long hosted “A Paddler’s Journal” exclusively on our website, www.LCLT.org. Cathy Frank and Margy Holden, long-time advocates and friends of Lake Champlain, wrote THE kayaker’s guide for Lake Champlain.

In the summer of 2003 Margy Holden and I set out to paddle around South Hero Island in Lake Champlain, also known as Grand Isle.  After one island, we were hooked. We were so taken by what we saw from the water looking toward shore, BookCoverHR_300that we decided to paddle around all of the “Champlain Islands”, the three large islands in the northern part of the lake.  By the end of the summer we had not only paddled all of the Champlain Islands but committed ourselves to paddling around the entire lake shore, a journey that would eventually take us over 750 miles.

This journal records most of those trips but not all.  Our complete journey and what we learned about Lake Champlain, can be found in “A Kayaker’s Guide to Lake Champlain. Exploring the New York, Vermont and Quebec Shores” (Black Dome Press, 2009).

Cathy Frank (Co-author and former Trustee of the Lake Champlain Land Trust)

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