Snapping Turtle (43 seconds)

Watch a snapping turtle scurrying at our Shelburne Bay Park property

Young Peregrine Falcons (26 seconds)

Observe Young Peregrine Falcons perched in their nest.

Leopard Frogs (1 minute and 17 seconds)

Listen to the Leopard Frog calls at our Fish Quarry property.

Barred Owl ( 1 minute and 4 seconds)

Observe a Barred Owl swooping at our Eagle Mountain Property

Bobbing Loon on Lake Champlain (27 seconds)

Watch a loon enjoy Lake Champlain by our Eagle Mountain property.

How to Recognize and Remove Purple Loosestrife (24 seconds)

Learn to remove this invader of wetlands and ditches, Purple Loosestrife.