Borrow Our Backpack

open backpackThe Lake Champlain Land Trust has put together the Aspiring Naturalist’s Backpack to make the great outdoors even more accessible to families and classrooms.

This backpack is equipped with field guides, bug nets, magnifying glasses and pretty much everything else an aspiring naturalist would need for an educational and enlightening outdoor adventure.

There is a field journal inside that will allow users to share their experiences and read what others did with the same materials.

Discover wildflowers, trees, birds, reptiles and insects in your own backyard or in our many public conserved natural areas.

If you would like to check out the backpack please contact Executive Director, Chris Boget, at (802) 862-4150 or

Sample Backpack Contents

journal 1 (590x640)

Purple field journal


bug net 2 (480x640)

Bug nets, boxes, and sheet for bug collecting


binocs 1 (530x640)

Pair of binoculars with attached compass








field guides (480x640)

Variety of Field Guides for the Champlain Valley landscape









And More!