Buffer Areas

Restoring naturally occurring buffer areas between former forest lands and our waterways (lakeshore, rivershore, or streams) is a great way to prevent pollution and sediment from reaching Lake Champlain or other water bodies.  Buffers can prevent shoreline erosion, slow storm flows, and filter nutrients such as phosphorous before they enter our waterways.

Riparian Buffer areas consist of natural strips of vegetation in the “riparian zone,” which means adjacent to a river, stream or other waterbody.  These natural water quality filters can be restored and improved, by planting native trees, shrubs, and smaller ground plants.  The root systems of vegetation stabilizes shorelines and banks by keeping soils in place.

Do you, or someone you know, live or own land along a Champlain Valley waterway? View our riparian buffer planting guide for instructions and tips.

For more information about planting a buffer area, feel free to contact us at or (802) 862-4150.